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400 Ton Plastic Injection Moulding Machine 4000KN Clamping. High Performance High Quality 400 Ton Plastic Injection Molding Machine.LOG-400S8 Injection Molding Machine.1. LOG Machine Advantages Double guide post support, twin-cylinder balanced injection, continuous high torsion hydraulic motor ditectly drives the screw plastic melting device, forcefully closed type base advance device,

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HISTORY Founded in 1992 Designa started off with a focus on custom injection moulding. Over the years we have shifted our focus onto primarily rigid packaging for the cosmetic industry. Our production facility is a 4000m2 factory with over 40 production machines for injection moulding, injection blow moulding (IBM) and Injection stretch blow moulding (SBM), screen printing, labeling and pad

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Injection Moulding Machines South Africa By USERVE. Injection Moulding Machines.The injection moulding machine alters pelleted plastic into final cast parts by the use of a smelting and injection processes. An injection moulding machine consist of the following: 1. The injection system, 2. The hydraulic system, 3. The mold system, 4. The clamping system 5. The control sys

pvc moulding machine fast delivery in South Africa

pvc moulding machine fast delivery in South Africa . Fast Delivery Injection Moulding Machines|Hot Sale Plastic pvc moulding machine manufacturer fast delivery in durban . Aug 15, 2019 · Fast Delivery Machines - Ship Within 7 Days. Offers a wider range of plastic injection molding machines - Clamping force: 500KN - 40000KN, Types: high speed, two platen, extra-large, PET, PVC - with features: outstanding quality, stable, and efficient.