550 ton injection moulding machine factory in kenya

550 TONS EKS Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding

Four core strengths of EKS Servo Energy Saving injection molding machine. 1) Stable: Structural rigidity increased by 30% with more than 60 technical innovations, and also because of the promotions in parts accuracy and assembly process make the machine performance reach to European standards. 3) Saving: After investigation by Bole, comparing

600 Ton & 550 Metric Ton All-Electric Injection Molding

EC610SXIII All-Electric Injection Molding Machine All-Electric SXIII Series Machine With the ECSXIII, molders get an all-electric injection molding machine that delivers fast injection speeds and dry cycle times, ensures longer mold life and provides more uniform clamping force, for greater productivity, flexibility, and versatility, job after job.

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Feromatik Electron All Electric Machine 120 Ton 2 machines. Expansion Potentiality Apart from the Plastic Injection moulding machines, other Plant utility machines like, Transformer, Electric Panel, Busbar trunking line, Cooling Tower, Water Pumps, EOT Cranes is installed to support 40 Injection Moulding Machines.

Injection Molding Machines - Engel 550 Ton Injection

Nov 14, 2017 · 550 Ton Engel Used Injection Molding Machine For Sale - Includes Whittmann Robot. 89.96 oz. Shot Size. 2009. Visit 550 ton injection moulding machine factory in kenya

Multi color/components vertical injection moulding machine

Machine Feature: Three color injection machine with vertical injection and vertical clamping design,clamping force from 25 ton to 500 ton,injection weight from 45 5000 g.. Diverse oil circuit options (half-closed, fully-closed, servo) to meet your requirements. Vertical multi color- material injection moulding machine have two seprate injection units are given power by independent