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3. Auxiliary Machines for Cable Tie Manufacturing. 1. Cable Tie Injection Molding Machine. In the oversea market, K288F and K358F are always the first choices for clients. Their stability is approved by time. Sometime one or two of these two model machine may already make you king in your area. Cable tie injection molding machine is the frame

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Hopper dryer. It offers an effective and low-cost method for plastic material drying. Hot air is used to dry wet materials that due to moisture absorption during packaging, transportation, and recycling cycles. They can be directly mounted on the moulding machine for quick drying and space saving.

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Hopper Dryer for Injection Molding Machine that removes the moisture. We are supplying hopper dryer based on material loading capacity based on requirement

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The Standard Hopper Dryer is available with various accessories. Various parts together form the complete standard hopper dryer for the usage of a plastic injection molding machine. It is one of the main IMM components in the plastic injection machine.

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Nov 30, 2021 · Injection molding hopper dryers are auxiliary equipment required for plastic processing. This is an efficient, durable, and energy-saving model that replaces

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We provide various kinds of plastic Auxiliary Equipment including plastic crushers, plastic granulators, industrial water chillers,plastic grinder, Plastic Shredder, vacuum hopper loaders, plastic mixers, hopper dryers, honeycomb dehumidifiers, masterbatch dosing unit, cooling tower, Robot Arm, etc. . The palstic auxiliary equipment are mainly used to cooperate with plastic Injection Molding

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The hopper control panel contains the blower switch and the hopper switch to control the function of the hopper dryer alone. Then through the lower cone, the plastic material reaches the base sight glass without any moisture properties. We are supplying hopper dryers for the Plastic Injection Molding Machine Components. Now we have successfully

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SILMAX E100E1200 and SILMAX compact drying hoppers. Robust stainless steel execution and the especially developed SmartFlow function for intelligent air distribution are the characteristics of the WITTMANN drying hopper series. 100 to 6,500 liters.

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PDC conveying to drying hopper . PDC conveying to molding machine . 1. Return air 2. Wand 3. Machine feeder FEEDMAX B106 4. Material line 5. Controlled vacuum take-off adapter 6. Purging valve 7. Blower 8. Dust filter 9. Vacuum valve 10. Vacuum line 11. Loader on drying hopper

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Hopper dryer is one of the common auxiliary machines for injection molding machine. Usually, it is put on the top of material feeding inlet of injection unit of

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