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View all Injection Molding Solutions. Injection Machines. Servo Injection Machines. Save more energy and power than standard machines. Basket Making Machines. Basket&Crate, Storage box, foldabe crate making machines. High Speed Machines. 6-7s cycle time for thin-wall products, like disposable lunch box, kinives, forks, spoons.

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We provide you a turnkey solution for full process of raw materials treatment, quantitative additive color mixing machine, rapid and stable injection molding output of plastic crates, rigid crates mold with hot/cold runners, rapid take out robot mechanism; Total production cost down with high productivity, and low product defect rate of only 0.5%.

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Plastic Fruit Vegetable Basket / Turnover Box/ Container/ Crate Injection Molding Machine. Type: Plastic Injection Molding Machine. Condition: New. Style:Horizontal. Plastic Type:Thermoplastic. Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China. Warranty: 2 years. Voltage: 380V/ 50HZ/ 3PHASE, 440V/ 50HZ (60HZ) / 3PHASE, 220V/ 60HZ/3PHASE

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Vegetable Fruit Turnover Plastic Crate Making Injection 2021-10-5u2002·u2002product descriptionproduct paramenters sz-4800a injection unit item unit value screw diameter mm 70 75 80 screw l/d ratio l/d 22.6 21 19.7 theoretical shot volume cm^3 1346 1545 1758 show weight(ps) g 1225 1406 1600 injection pressure mpa 201 175 154 theoretical injection rate(ps) g/s 370 423 484