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12-64 cavity PET preform mould, wide mouth preform mould

PET Preform Mould. The chemical name of PET is polyethylene terephthalate. Nowadays, GF-PET is mostly used by customers, mainly for preforms. The rheology of PET in the molten state is better, and the influence of pressure on viscosity is greater than that of temperature. Therefore, the pressure is mainly used to modify the fluidity of the melt.

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Shanghai GonSon Tech CO.,LTD is a comprehensive manufacturer of plastic injection moulds with many years experience. Now our moulds have been sent to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia in South America, UK, Hungary, Russia, Turkey in Europe, Iran in Mid-East, also African and Asian countries etc.

PET Preform Mold,Preform Mould

Sep 26, 2021 · Cavity: 32 cavities, 48 cavities, 56 cavities, 72 cavities, 96 cavities, 128 cavities, 144 cavities Necking Finish: 28mm (1716, 1810, 1881) 26/22mm, 29/25mm and 38mm etc.


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Bitop Mould has been working in the field of "PET preform mould packaging" for more than 20 years, providing customers with its own experience and expertise for the production of preforms and preform moulds and equipment. Over the years, Bitop has designed hundreds of different PET preform molds.