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Jun 27, 2011 · Its manufacturing process uses 3-D computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, backed up by a range of computer numerical control manufacturing machines. Inspection is controlled via a ZEISS CNC co-ordinate measuring machine and other non-contact optical devices, housed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

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Nov 06, 2021 · China Injection mould and plastic mould Lean Industry 1-#2228 is supplied by Injection mould and plastic mould manufacturers, producers, suppliers on Global Sources,mold,plastic injection mold,injection molding

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German injection molder Balda (Bad Oeynhausen) has worked with optical media disc systems manufacturer Singulus Technologies (Kahl am Main, also Germany) to develop what the firms say is a new production line for inline surface processing of plastic parts, for instance decorating covers for molded mobile phones and handheld game devices.

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Jun 01, 1999 · How much has injection molding changed in the past 10 years? To get an idea, consider that in 1989 , "thin-wall" molding meant 2.5 mm, and a "tight tolerance" was around 0.002 in./in. Nowadays, top-notch molders produce thin-wall moldings only 0.5 mm thick and precision parts with 10-micron tolerances. A decade ago, compact-disc molding was in its infancy with total disc capacities

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