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Electronic / Connector Injection Molding. Since 1975, JG Plastics has been an important supplier to the electronic and precision electrical connector industries. We have produced a wide variety of connectors for many of the largest electronics companies in the world. Working alongside customer engineers, we have designed and produced connectors

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Whether designing an outer mold tool for aesthetics or tactile considerations, an inner mold to enhance mechanical integrity or facilitate encapsulation or unique strain reliefs, mold tool design is an important part of most new cable development projects. Engineering and design work is also required when the cable or connector project includes

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US6256881B1 - Electrical connection method for mold

The electrical connectors at the mold may be color-coded and/or shape-coded as to pins or keys on the connectors; and likewise, the cables and the electrical connectors at the junction box may also be similarly color-coded and/or shape-coded. US6256881B1 - Electrical connection method for mold components and a plastic injection molding press

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